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9-Volt Battery Safety Push Cap

The perfect solution for battery preservation

Educational References

Check these important resources on 9-volt battery safety

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☑    Educational video of house fire caused by 9 volt battery.  Watch the video

☑    Inside Edition: 9 Volt Batteries can burn down your House if stored inproperly.  Watch the report

☑    WAND TV News I-TEAM: 9 Volt Battery Junk Drawer Fires.  Watch the report

☑    WPMI TV, NBC Mobile-Pensacola report on the dangers of 9-Volt Batteries.  Watch the report

☑    KXAN TV, NBC Austin report on house fires started by loose batteries.  Watch the report

☑    Thordale Fire Department Published Materials.  Read the article

☑    KDKA TV, CBS Pittsburgh: News on experts reports of 9 volt battery fire safety.  Read the article

☑    EHS Safety News: House Fires Caused By Storage of 9 Volt & AA Batteries on the Rise.  Read the article

☑    News Router Article: Fire Dangers of Old Batteries in Your Home .  Read the article

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☑    Red River Mutual Loss Prevention Program .  Read the article

☑    WBZ TV, CBS Boston report on house Fires Caused 9 volt battery .  Watch the report


Travel with us and explore our evolution

  • 2013

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Levy Devay first appears in the industrial scene as a manufacturer of clothing concepts.

  • 2014 - 2015

    9-Volt Battery Safety Push Cap

    The company develops an eco-conscious accessory, which preserves the lifespan of batteries and the environment, as well.

  • 2016 and on...

    New project development

    The future is in sight with our new line of innovative products. Stand by for upcoming announcements.

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Michael S. Baldwin, LL.M.


Jung Ja Park

Product Administrator

Our mission is to engineer and manufacture consumer goods and accessories throughout the world in an effort to improve the quality of life, to concentrate on engineering efforts which improve consumer product safety and to create initiatives geared towards efficient and effective post-use recycling efforts for the products that we furnish to global communities.

Levy Devay LLC is an engineering company that creates and designs manufactured plastic-injection mold parts for wholesale distribution. The emergence of the company began with clothing concepts and evolved into engineering and production of plastic mold-injection parts. In the interim, the company president partnered with the chief engineering consultant, and the company began design concepts with a patent attorney through joint efforts on October 6, 2014. The company focus was on designing plastic parts that add improved safety to consumer products, and to create plastic parts that add ease and convenience to items currently in existence or created by Levy Devay engineers. The company president is in charge of overseeing the production and distribution channels, as well as marketing, financing and legal affairs. The chief engineering consultant is in charge of engineering and the design concept of the patents. Both executive officers share in collaboration with wholesale distributors for direct market channeling and distribution. The product administrator implements all executive directives, and ensures safety compliance.


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